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Philip T. Laessoe is a Danish-Canadian Live & Session Keyboardist, Producer, Composer/Songwriter, Audio Engineer, Music Instructor & Director based out of Vancouver, BC. He owns and operates Soul Wave Studios and teach lessons in-person, online and at MMS Music School. He also performs with corporate band Famous Players and occasionally at the world famous The Roxy Cabaret. Alongside his music life, Phil mentors and do readings in energy languages such as Vedic & Western astrology, numerology and uses intuitive insight to assist clients seeking spiritual guidance and awareness.

Back in his native Denmark, Phil started singing, playing keyboards and performing at the age of 6. As he grew up, becoming classically and music theoretically trained while exploring his creative talents, his musical path led him to study audio engineering in Copenhagen, before moving to Canada in 2008. In Vancouver, he obtained a Professional Recording Arts diploma at The Art Institute of Vancouver and Electronic Music Production certificate at Langara College. His academic achievements granted him multiple President’s Honours, the Best of Show portfolio award as well as a CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Science) nomination. He then launched his company and secured his Canadian immigration through producing beats, composing music for games while teaching lessons and performing live with a multitude of artists.

Phil is a familiar face within the Vancouver music scene performing with artists like Kristin Carter, Rayne, Royal, Nicole Sumerlyn, Cat Madden, Tanner Olsen Band, Kaylee Johnston, Emily Chambers, Champagne Republic and cover acts like Famous Players, Tainted Lovers and The Roxy Cabaret's house bands. He has produced, recorded, co-written or done session work for Jade LeMac, Dimes, Elyse Saunders, Emily Taylor Adams, Nicole Sumerlyn, Cat Madden, Emily Chambers, Jeassea Thyidor, Mad Slug, Pasha Klassik, Fernanda Maleski, Anqi Sun, Champagne Republic and many others and became a top-3 final nominee for BCCMA's Keyboardist of The Year from 2017-2022. In addition, Philip has touring experience from Denmark, Canada and China, playing and performing in the live bands of Hong Kong-based super stars Andy Hui and Anthony Wong Yiu-Ming.

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